Body Language – James Comey On Fox News With Bret Baier


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Why isn’t the login working? Will it be fixed or is this a new security thing?


I saw it was down… you know you have become someone with influence when they take you down like that.


Hm… seems to keep me logged in now but it looks different and feels different….


good video

Andrew Hermsen

Not familiar with the word collusion but is with the word cahoots. Um isn’t that basically the same thing.


I think their is more to the belief system than what is being said. My goodness he must have made an agreement, oath, etc to just not go there.
Its almost as though they made sure who they put in place was in their “pocket”.


To me, James Comey looks like he’s indifferent. Except, in this vid, he pulls up his top lip too high & looks like a beaver. Bret hit a nerve. I’m tellin ya, the guy has worked with a body language coach.


You started this whole thing defending Comey’s body language “He was sincere”… what gives?

Georgia Morrow

Thank you Mandy. I love ur work. And was happy to see u read Comey under pressure with Bret. I look forward to all ur videos.


Thanks for the quick turnaround on this. I was hoping you would do it. Every time he was confronted, he went back to his belief system by saying some version of ” I didn’t know that” or “That is not my recollection”. If he is ever questioned under oath, the questioner should be ready for that by having evidence ready that he did indeed know about the topic in question. That is his verbal cue that he is going to avoid the question. Wish Brett had pointed out that Strzok was the one who interviewed Clinton and asked him why she was not questioned under oath. Looks to me like he has incriminated himself about the leak to the New York Times, since he admitted intent. Hope the IG sees it the same way and he can share a cell with his pal McCabe in Leavenworth, where they will have plenty of time to discuss their belief systems.

Georgia Morrow

The Hiliary Clinton FBI interview was on the Saturday (July 2) before July 4, NOT under oath, no transcript &  Comey NOT present.

Dorene Collins

What a disgrace James Comey ! He lied to the FBI, James Comey lied to Congress, James Comey leaked information to the New York Times to get a special prosecutor for Russians interference with president elect Donald J Trump ! James Comey took classified Memo’s home with him also. I recently spoke with Washington DC FBI field office and the person at the FBI office in DC agreed that lying to the FBI, lying to the Congress is a felony ! So far there is two counts of felony for James Comey ! Mr. Jeff Sessions please do your job and prosecute


As no human being is infallible, we must each process reality through our own personal belief system. It is a fundamental aspect of the human condition.

The constant disparagement, in accusing others of using their belief system, seems hypocritical since that criticism itself is based purely in the personal belief system of the accuser.

Andrew Hermsen

No eberyone lives within belief systems entirely not to do so is called enlightenment. But some are cramped and exclusionary or exalted and delusional like this man. It is possible to have and live in a benign belief system such as ‘all men are brothers’ or ‘a seed of light dwells in every heart no matter how dark’. These are beliefs as are the ones about science and observable reality. But we have many intersecting and sometimes conflicting belief systems Certainly JC does. They are tearing him apart.

Andrew Hermsen

In my previous comment i was not accusing Mandy of being wrong. What she is describing is someone bound up in a constricting and narrow belief system which has necome his sole point of reference. He does not dare to imagine what else could be out there. Frozen with fear and lying to save his life. He believes.



I would love to hear you thoughts in this wild story!


I had huge difficulty watching Comey. Plus it bother me hearing his book has great sales.. yuck


Super job. All I know is that I hear and see deception. Before Mandy I qoykd doubt myself or allow myself to be bullied out of ..


I have fallen in love with your voice dear


I’m so glad you put this up. Check out the Comey-Cooper one. I don’t mean review and post, I just mean look at it, If you can still stomach any more Comey. You can see when there’s evidence that violates his belief system.

Patrick Martin

Mandy would you mind leaving links to the original videos you use? Thank you in advance for this consideration!

Patrick Martin

Comey knows he has broken the Rule of Law as stated by the constitution and he lies from his pedestal of a “Higher Moral Authority” and due to this motivations he thinks “the end justifies the means.” I would call him a professional liar in that he’s anticipated almost every conceivable questions and has devised a “double speak” roundabout question evasion he knows is false. However Comey is so well practiced he leaves few body language clues. When he searches in his mind for memory or goes over the the creative side of verbiage he’s referring to this practiced speech. His body language isn’t and from actual memory or the creativity of producing a lie or justification it’s from his made up story line/narrative. Mandy I do believe much of what makes up Comey is his twisted ideology but i also believe he has other motives which has dictated his actions which he covers up well considering he a “Professional Liar!”

sharon martin

Makes no difference whether he’s in stillness or not, he’s lying & that’s obvious to most of us, no matter what faces he makes.

sharon martin

HA ! another “judgement call” what a liar, why is this moron making public appearances at all ? and no, he doesn’t stay in his truth, he stays in lies, he knows damn well what happened, he’s in cover my ass mode, he doesn’t have a belief system anymore, that left him long ago, when he crossed the line for Hillary & Obama his “belief system” went away.

sharon martin

Lying sack O shit ! Gowdy too, Gowdy getting out thinking his crimes won’t be investigated, gimme a fucking break, they’re all liars, screw their “belief system”

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