Body Language – Allison Mack Cult Recruitment


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Jim Whitehead

In Mack’s Smallville role of Cloe, she was a sad figure, a desperate smart girl who never attracted the right man (Superman) while her buddy Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) had men salivating over her. In real life, KK went on to do a Beauty-and-the-Beast show (and nude photos leaked of group sex with many men online). Meanwhile, Cloe could never get Clark to pay attention to her unless she was doing something useful. Later in the series, her desperation leads her to make secret deals with evil men (the Luthors) who give her valuable stuff and get her to spy and work against her friends. In one video, you even see her open her car trunk, for a brief flash of military and bondage gear. She says to Clark something like “Everyone has secrets.” Does her life imitate art here? (Note to Mack if she is here: your friend KK has more sense. Get help from her).


6:22 – 6:23 “This consolidated, very intense” – I wish you’d had more commentary on this. She forces her hands into each other and gnashes her teeth, something like a snarl. Maybe its pain, maybe anger, not sure, but I’d love to hear your take.


Guuuuuuurrrrrl you are hilarious! Especially @ 7:22!

India Andrews

I can’t help but think of her character in Smallville and the Wall of Weird. Nvxium definitely would’ve made it onto the wall.

As for the words Allison says they were a mixed up word salad to me. She didn’t really make any sense.


There was something very creepy about the video around 3:15 used here in this analysis. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first so I looked up the original video with this segment. I turned off the sound, leveled the screen up to just below her eyes, and then let it play. When I did so, I saw what was creeping me out. I plainly saw what appears to me as very unstable mental processes. The eye/forehead movements don’t match the words coming out of her mouth. That was what I was feeling but couldn’t see at first because it was buried under all the words and other facial/body movements. As her eyes go to different points, her focus changes and at times her forehead wrinkles in what looks like agony to me. Its as though all the lower part of her face and body movements are expressing one thing, but the mind is going to a very different place. It looked to me as though she is looking at unbelievable horrors in all sorts of areas of her mind/memories. I would say definite deep mind control issues there.


I just find this confusing. If you weren’t explaining this, I wouldn’t know at all what the hell she is even trying to say.


A lot of word salad with Mack.


I wonder if this has to do with being a child actor. Perhaps learning portrayal at that young an age can make it hard to express genuine emotion (that is — of one’s true self; not a character’s). I guess children play make-believe all the time, but maybe there’s something different about that behavior being directed by other people, and in more of a ‘work’ setting than a ‘play’ setting. Have you noticed this to be a common characteristic among child actors?

I think acting is technically deception. But it’s a different kind of deception, in that the deception is not to be taken as truth (everyone knows that the actor is playing a character and not themselves). Perhaps engaging in this deception interferes with a child’s development.


What do you mean she doesn’t differentiate between feeling and doing?

Russell Sova

Great video! I think the only thing preventing her from big movements at the end of the video is that winged chair she’s sitting in. Those chairs are restrictive and she may have sat in one just for that reason.

Russell Sova

I think that winged chair is the only thing preventing her from the big movements later in the video. Great video!

There’s a video game that has a jingle for a fictional department store called Junes (pronounced joo-ness). It’s so trippy, with a word change or two the video game could be talking about Jness, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jness had a similair jingle.



Great video again !! 


i had once been part of a christian cult (protestant – bible bashers) (was prev tamil) similar in the meaning of happiness which i thought was a common theme in the biblical literature itself although exploited – in a similar case as here to dinner parties and socials – i wanted more than that – felt a bit instructional – and can concur about the emotional stunted part – its a fascinating insight – thank you Mandy for posting this smile i wonder how you would interpret me. i missed this video – it had cult in it – i was hesitant on clicking it earlier – i hope you do get more views for it


It’s so interesting to see (and recognize so quickly, thanks to your examples) the dichotomy between her ‘preaching’, acting out the didacticism of her beliefs and the declarative statements where she outright lies to herself, like the comment about looking for a partner. I’ve done this as well – I will make a very assertive declaration about some fairly nebulous topic like politics or relationships: “I would NEVER do that!” which, in review, is a lie. I suspect it when I hear such kinds of statements, but am interested in the body language tells for this particular pattern.

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