Body Language – Former FBI Director – James Comey on His New Book


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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If I recall didn’t he tell Trump he could fire him at any time? Then, he played the victim, when he was canned… Trump was mean to me crap. You served at the pleasure of the President and can be fired for cause or just different personalities. But, when he was suppose find out who leaked information to a liberal rag, turns out it was him.He first lied to congress. Its a shame that the top people in both the FBI and DOJ, faces should be on the most wanted FBI flier. That’s the difference he believes what he says and Hillary doesn’t which is why its so easy to locate her lies because she not being truthful and doesn’t actually believe what she says. He playing his role and believes what he says, it might not be the truth but it’s what he thinks and from his perspective.


you hit the nail on the head Eileen!!!


“Belief Construct”
Comey did do the stringed puppet Howdy-Doody. “Lordy, Lordy, Lordy I’m just the all American Boy Scout.”
He was useful to the Cabal for that reason. The public only saw ‘gosh golly’ Howdy Doody; not the strings tied to HilBarry, Soros, Red-schields/ Rocky-fellas, etc. that told him WHAT to do.
McCabe much sharper, was probably their machine for the Hillary “matter” while Comey kept the FBI throne warm.

See how many times he answers interviews questions “I dunno” or “I never thought of that”.
His strings are cut. He has no power (but the failing Howdy Doody image). He is no longer useful to them. A puppet without a master.


There are lies and truth, and then there’s Comey. Above the fray, in a world of his own. He’s a very complicated and brilliant man, in his own mind’s eye. Ultimately, after his justice is meted out, he’ll concoct more excuses and honorable thinking, while behind bars. A psychopath can do no wrong.

Pamela Michele

President Trump is right. “We” the USA, the big corps, the Bushs, Walkers, Hunts, Harrimans, et al., backed the Nazi War machine and it’s all public record. For goodness sakes, Ford gave them their motors for their trucks. More public record. It just gets worse from there. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. It’s all facts. Trump is right, America is not what it seems, unless you know the truth. Kennedy tried to warn us and those names I listed, they killed him.
Anyway, thanks so much Mandy. Very telling and eye opening. Much love and God bless you! 


Like the updated website-keep up the good work. Regarding Comey, if we have equal justice in this country, his belief system is about to put him in jail, since he admits leaking what is protected information to the New York Times. Of course, in his sanctimonious belief system, that was not wrong. I don’t think anybody asked him how he could defend his performance as Director, when McCabe, Stzrok and Page were apparently involved in a conspiracy to protect Hillary Clinton from being prosecuted on his watch during an investigation that he was leading, or how he could make a 14 minute statement describing her criminal behavior and then apply a criminal intent standard that is not a part of the US Code she violated. If anybody in the crooked media had asked him a real question like that, my guess is that his body would have stopped singing with him. They just want to feed into the soap opera between Comey and the President rather than getting to the truth. It is easy to stay in your belief system of moral superiority under those circumstances. Thanks for the analysis! Keep them coming.


I don’t get it though. If he was head of the FBI, then he had to know about the dirty business that was going on in there. I guess he words himself in a way that he is confident he is being broad enough in his position to consider himself truthful? I think Trump broke him, and he created this reality to defend his schema. I think he must have handlers, who are helping create this reality too.


Does he honestly believe that there had to be Russian interference for Trump to be liked by the people!   Yes…Then he can justify anything to prove it! 

Does he think Hillary is such a good person that there is no way she could be guilty of intentionally doing a criminal act? Yes, then he can write an exoneration letter before he interviews her because he honestly thinks she can do no wrong. 

Is he so single minded about Trump that Trump could say “is this man right for the job” and he would interpret that as “can I sack him?”. 


I think Comey/FBI were being accused of being thugs like Putin/men and Comey was insulted. Not what he believes! 


He’s just a good liar


this is exactly what i was thinking he’s had decades of practice as a liar. and, especially if he knew the questions beforehand, he could practice little signs and tics that body language experts look for.

could that be what’s going on here?


please delete the above, i kept getting an error when submitting. response was to patrick

ken wenman

Well done!


In some ways we are thugs like Putin. Take the endless wars and dictators we have supported all over the world (The Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America) are prime example. And that’s not counting the covert stuff we never hear about.

Cathy Kaech

Most pathological liars do believe what they say, at the time.


It’s hard not to like this guy. Where I’m tripping is what’s the lie he believes that skews his world view so badly? How can he not see Trumps heart for America and its people? I also want to apologize on behalf of all the religious nuts out there who put being right above relationship. Dang, if that isn’t a hard line to walk sometimes. Why can’t we all state our beliefs, even fight for them, while respecting and treating others as dignified, valid human beings? Come on world. We can do better than this smile we love you Bombards Body Language smile


I resent the blatant atheism of the video to be honest. Whatever, won’t make me dislike Bombard’s work, but its clear from your comment and her comments in the video that they’re based on superficial views on God that are intentionally taught to us in anti-God schools (me included). I swear I have no anger or hatred toward any atheist out there. But I’d invite you – if you’re really serious about finding truth – to start by reading Jesus’ parables from the New Testament, and decide for yourself if he was a nut job. Read just one.

Now, regarding your comment, at least Catholics take a more planned approach to life. We try to apply (believe it or not) logic and reason and long-term thinking to our decisions. So for example, dating someone who is atheistic, sure we can fall for them, have a crush, develop physical attraction, emotional connection. But as anyone who has been through at least 1 break-up will tell you, no one is irreplaceable. So why push a relationship with someone who 1) might not think much of your intelligence/anility to reason (for example, see Bombard’s view on religious people), and 2) how will you raise kids with this person?

I as a Catholic don’t only believe in God. I believe in going to mass, in avoiding and asking forgiveness for my sins, in God showing me the righteous path. Its a lifestyle, religion isn’t just something in your head, it affects how you act, live, everything.


He definitely give a belief system, definition of his opinion. No yes or no answer. Like I told my sister I can answer: Did I tell her if I told her…yes or no.  Then asking “why” Well that is speculative and answer can be numerous. This guy is something else so full of himself. Must be full of it and can not even notice the smell.


i see this opey impersonator in my rearview, in orange and bound for gitmo.


i see this man in my rearview — the opey impersonator in orange bound for gitmo.

Nancy Schmidt

I love watching these videos and learning more. Comey believes what he is saying. Even if we disagree with his words, HE believes them. His intention is not to lie. That’s the point. This is a body language video – I’d say mission accomplished. 


I’d like to see you review todays video of Comey while he was on “The View” as the news of the congressional criminal referral was made public.

Patrick Martin

Mandy, I have no doubt about what you’re saying of core
belief. We witness this daily in social media conversing with those of opposite
political views. Do you think Comey
considers breaking his oath of office a moral act in that the end justifies the
means? We know Comey fails to enforce the law considering his blind eye with the myriad
of D.C. scandals he’s witnessed for decades.  Helping Lynch dismiss proven violations of the
law by H.R. Clinton pertaining to the email scandal is only one of many lawless
actions. It seems Comey knows he’s lying when he calls a criminal investigation a “matter” as suggested by his peers.  He’s broken the law and knows it but
I suspect he’ll look as though he’s telling the truth even then.  It seems to me that core belief in conjunction
with (think tank) extensive type training both play a factor with Comey. 

Is it possible a highly trained interrogator /social
engineering master can remove most if not all details of deception in a choreographed
well-crafted dialog? We know Comey knew the questions he’d be asked in this video! Actually
he and his (think tank) puppeteers most likely submitted those questions to their
drone PSYOP media actor!

There’s an intelligence stem school in N.Y. for civilian elites,
journalist, etc. It cost ten grand per day to attend. In this school they
completely strip a person’s personal life view perceptions away and start over.
 Things like N.L.P. are kindergarten
exercise in intelligence training and Comey’s had decades to practice and
perfect.  Using advanced Socratic type questioning techniques even civilians are trained extract information from a subject by studying the subject and using non-related questions to obtain information without them realizing they gave it all up.  

Years ago I’d read an article in a woman’s magazine written by a lady who had to have gone to this school. In this article it taught women how to find out if their partners were cheating. The reader was
given benign questions to ask their partner and depending on the answers they’d know if he was cheating or not.   The subject has no idea they completely gave
up all intel information needed by the interviewer.  I know
Comey has this type of training and so much more but as you mentioned and I believe that he has core values unlike yours and mine.  I think Comey believes he’s right but I also
think he’s a professional liar. Your take…is it only core belief or does intense training perhaps also play a role in his deception? 


this is exactly what i was thinking he’s had decades of practice as a liar. and, especially if he knew the questions beforehand, he could practice little signs and tics that body language experts look for. 

could that be what’s going on here?


also please delete the above, the comment error was occurring when commenting from the main page with the video list


Thanks Mandy. 80-20 screwed up population is like this right?

Dr. Donna

If everything was as horrible as he is trying to make it out to be, why did he not bring it all forward while current? Perhaps just enough “Peyton Place” – a touch of “Hollywood” – to sell his book.

Miss your full video/chat on YouTube. Keep forgetting I can come here. Thank you.

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