Body Language – Syria Strikes – President Trump Addresses Nation


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Volume issues again levels not matched. Can barely hear President. Thank you, we enjoy your videos.


IMO, this is NOT the Trump we know – even as of just a few weeks ago. And since the same few week ago, his stance on Syria and our involvement there has changed 180 degrees. This’ll probably make me sound like a nut to some people but I’ve had a kind of sixth sense (for lack of a better term for it) my whole life and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t shake a very sick feeling in my gut that something really ugly either is happening or has happened and whatever it is, those evil sickos are using it to force him into doing what they want him to do. He knew last year’s “version” of this was a FF, so I’m having a very hard time imagining he felt this was any different.

The feeling nagging at me (and scaring me) the most, is a fear that Barron or one of his grandkids has been threatened, taken or hurt – I don’t know what exactly. I just know it’s keeping me up at night. And when you start adding things up, he hasn’t been travelling or doing rallies – at least none that I’m aware of; His tweets don’t even sound like him; His demeanor in his last couple of weekly addresses is different. He also looks horrible – he’s pale and gaunt and not nearly as sharp or “tailored” in his appearance as he usually is. It’s as though he’s aged ten years in just a couple of weeks and almost looks & sounds drugged at times – and I don’t mean by his own doing. There are just SO many things that are “off” lately. I’m certainly not anyone special and there have of course been times where I’ve been off the mark, but right now that nagging in my gut is off the charts and it’s making me feel like this is a man who has a gun to his head.

Mandy, I’d love to know your thoughts…


We should see him Buck them soon enough…his personality does not allow for control


Thanks for your thoughts re: my theory, Mandy. I totally agree that he’s not the type who typically tolerates ANY attempts by others to control him. It just seems like the swamp runs a helluva lot wider and deeper than I could ever have imagined, so I hope his inner circle are as fiercely loyal as I’ve heard and that they’ve still got his back.


All Presidents were just puppets. Look for the BarrySmith Interview in year 2000

Daniel Kirwan

Mandy, I am so SAFT of these parasites constant and continuous efforts to stop, jam or slow your broadcasts in hopes that your listeners will become tire of the planned interruptions and go to another site.  Keep up the good work and be sure to remember GOP/Lib-prog politicians will crawl over their dead mothers to fuck their dying sisters.  Stay on your feet and remember these guys are only for themselves and have ruined our country as well as the rest of the world for a profit.  My mien shien and your body reading have taught me that evil people are really boring.  Neither their bodies or faces are fun to look at and are absent of any beauty in all senses of the word. 


Qanon is Corsi….. 

Well this is my conclusion after watching Corsi. To me it was confirmed after the launched of his book and listening to some chat forums. 

Brilliant bit of viral advertising imo.

My heart breaks for those that really feel inspired and filled with hope that there is someone there to save them all.  I’m angry because it seems that Q has been playing on those that are particularly spiritual. 



Sam Weiss

Thorough analysis! Could you please do the 60 minutes stormy Daniels They say she’s was under heavy drugs during the interview 

Best regards 


I did her…there is a search bar at the top of the page.


Please assess: green screen? He looks flat with edges. No flashes from cameras, no shadows


I have heard from someone who follows Qanon that these are targeted attacks on global pedo top operatives.  Yes, none of us here knows. Yes, from your earlier videos on Assad, these attacks don’t make sense, but perhaps this does bring pieces together?  Attacks on Syria are the only actions I have not understood from this president.  He did say he would not reveal when or reasons why he would handle military actions.  I agreed with that, after Bush 2 said for months we were going into Iraq before we actually did so, and Hussein had plenty of time to move what he needed to get out of the country, which he did.  So back then, that all seemed staged to me.  We are all looking at this at face value, and I can’t help but reason that there is much activity beneath the surface.  This president vowed he would “drain the swamp,” and we all could see once he got into office that the swamp reaches far beyond DC, globally. 

John Roberts

Q anon is straight out of Langley. You are falling for disinformation. Trump supporters will believe anything.



Your new puppet is the same as the old puppet … NOBODY 2020 onwards


Libs used 2B all about peace, love, not war! I think our President needs a huge whiteboard in a room, shut the door, and turn his brain bk on. 

Anil Ramachandren

he has been cloned……ori is d & gone


This stinks of a setup.  Would not be surprised if globalist staged the chemical attack to draw Trump into attacking Syria.  Despite having no evidence, but only suspicions, speculations, arrogant confidence, and prodding by media warmongers, Trump choose to pursue attacks on Syria.  Where was the due process?  Or is pre-texting to lead to WW3 more important than innocent until proven guilty?  Ashamed to be called an American right now.  Who is advising Trump to make this careless and inhumane decision?  Trump might as well prepare for impeachment hearings.  He took the bait and made a hasty decision.  Now he may be dealing with blowback by the same people that coaxed him into striking Syria.

Jason W Cameron

I am not getting any notifications on toutube. Im very glad to see youre still posting and doing important analysis on things that matter. Last i saw of you, you had said you will be doing vids on less controversial subjects to avoid some YT bs. Please just be you and do what you want and that you know matters. What you do is important. I love your insight. Keep it up!


We’re all-in now, Mandy. The WW1 thing made me choke. WTF was up with that?


Just wait until Australias PM Turnbull runs in to help !

He is so low in the opinion polls and ready to be overthrown by the conservatives in the party that he might just take a bit of war theatrics on to try to save his position as Prime Minister ! 

IMO… War is just an act to keep the petro dollars flowing. And to Distract from something going on over there ????????????

I’m literally sick!

Jasmin L Garcia

 I believe Donald Trump will bounce back it’s just not his year but he will bounce back

debbie fields

Russia has threatened our Military by shooting down our planes.. Could it be Trump is walking on eggshells to maintain no further discord within the UN and thus the reading of the speech so he doesn’t say the wrong thing at this unsettling time? Thoughts Mandy?


I don’t know…I think that I recognize this same speech patterns with prior presidents and wars.  


Meaning the Deep State and/or Military Industrial Complex who owned the last few presidents, regardless of political party, is now controlling Trump?  He’s talkin’ like them now?

Claudia Wilburne

Very sad.  Thank you Mandy 


Sad. Disappointed to say the least.  Can he come back from this?  Do people recover strength after being broken?  “They” are saying there is dirt on him relating to prior affairs other than Stormy.  There has to be more of a threat than that for him to start this war.

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