Body Language – Mike Pompeo – Confirmation with Questions on Syria


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is that frickin’ nikki haley in the 2nd or 3rd row behind pompeo?




Hi! just wanted to say i looove your voice! Its so got damn chill, my body are relaxed every time i hear you speak. Your cadences and rhythm in your voice is priceless! Love your work to, you are doing an amazing job! Its just a few of you special people out here, so keep em coming! smile  & may love be with us all smile 


I’m in Wichita, KS. This dude is a businessman from Wichita, elected into Congress & then shorty after moved into the Trump Administration as head of the CIA and now nomination for Secretary of State? If there’s any stuttering, stress, lack of confidence, etc, it’s because he’s an everyday “Joe” with no prior experience in government being nominated for a position where he’s getting on the job trainin; much like Obama did. Pompeo is not interested in the game playing that exists in our current government leaders. That’s why he didn’t interview well here. It’s like asking a nurse to do a brain surgery….really? What do people expect?


Great Job Girl….



Patrick Martin

I’m somewhat up in the air about the fact Pompeo isn’t polished. Good that he’s not like the many sociopath robots types produced by the deep state. Not so good in that he’s easy to read be your enemies as well; half of our plans were exposed in this video by Pompeo, not by this analysis.  I really do wish he was somewhat quicker on his feet. Was hoping you’d mention he’s human with a conscious and sure enough you did. Thank you for the insight! 


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