Body Language – FaceBook Mark Zuckerburg – Questioned By Congress


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Why does the guy sitting behind Mark have the same facial expressions? Looks like I am seeing double. Weird.


One of my all time favorites. I always knew there was a lot more going on behind that happy baby face. Never trusted him. I observed that insatiable demand for power. Thank you for flushing that out.


At about the 11:30 mark, it sounds like Zuckerberg is genuinely confused.  It sounds like Kenney is asking questions that Zuckerberg has already answered.

Sen:  “Are you willing to go back and work on giving me a greater right to erase my data?”

Zuck:  “You can already delete any of the data that’s there or delete all of your data.”

Sen:  “Are you willing to work on expanding that?”

I think Zuckerberg was confused about what Kennedy meant by that.  How can you delete more than ALL of your data?  I think that’s how Zuckerberg got lost (I was kind of lost, myself).  And Kennedy kept using the word “expand” in his next questions, which is why Zuckerberg stayed lost.  He should have asked for clarification if this was the case.

So at about the 13:30 mark, I think his thoughts might have been more along he lines of trying to understand what he was asking him.  Is there any indication that this was not the case?


That human being is void a soul. Not a shred of light in his eyes…


Watch the guy behind Zuckerberg…totally mirrors the look and demeanor…Like he is somehow controlling zuckerberg


Trump would be a good daddy for Zuck


I was wondering about the very weird voice tone he would use when he answered questions by starting with “Representative” or “Senator”. It was combined with a slight head wiggle that looked really strange. Wondering what to make of that or if anyone else thought is was weird.


The reason Zuckerborg comes across as a robot is because he is trying to be stiff as possible so he doesn’t have anybody language tells.  Zuck the cuck majored in psychology.


he failed


With antifa being declared terrorist; has it occurred to him yet that he is platforming t’s to attack his users?  On his watch?


Thank you!!!! What a blast!  I watched the interviews yesterday but I was more excited for your video and you never disappoint.


Damn I feel bad now at the end I just remembered that I’m under the stress of never being calm cause I’m under constant stress so yeah it’s hard to grow when there is constant state of judgement never mind being able to just relax try doing anything to help people my friend you can’t imagine what it’s like cause I am guessing someone gave you a break or just a chance to come into your mind god bless y’all cause you don’t know how to bless others 


Facebook stole my contacts and some of them I really needed to talk to now I cannot fix my account,my relationships or my situation and it’s not all his fault but if it’s in my hands I’d do something that I would really never do and that is for him and his friends to find forgiveness for on a side note those twins vs marky here celebrity dm always an option  


These are absolutely fascinating!  Thank you for sharing your insights.

Shirley J

Mandy this was great. 

Anil R

Good one Mandy – you’re the Man (woof woof)

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