Body Language – Donald Trump Defeated – Syria Round Table


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i can hardly wait till he’s gone but the prospect of Pence being in there is just as frightening as this buffoon is.


Trust POTUS…There is more here than you know.  He is not defeated.  He is just starting his counter attack against the deep state.


Man did you ever get this one right…

Anil R

oh damn…..


we all hope for an X factor


This is why I’m in observation mode. We don’t know the whole story. I agree with a Mad Chatter that there could be something else he is defeated about. Does this come out in body language when engaged in other communications/topics?



I have to agree with Tucker (and you too, @AMadChatter). Lionel {from Lionel Nation} has also been virtually shouting from the rooftops on his channel and in several interviews he’s done on RT and elsewhere this past week, about the utter insanity of Assad gassing his own people when POTUS had just formally announced that we were finally going to pull our troops out of Syria. It’s just plain old common sense that doing something like that would be totally counter-productive to what would obviously be major changes in US/Syria foreign policy… changes that would definitely benefit Assad.

Now, I rarely (if ever) disagree with Mandy’s assessments, but I truly can’t bring myself to believe that POTUS is feeling defeated by the Syria situation. TBH, I wouldn’t be at all surprised right now, that he’s really more concerned about the whole Cohen debacle and the extremely difficult situation that it puts him in. He’s really between one massive rock and a hard place on this, simply because no matter what he decides to do about this never ending, ever-widening witch hunt, he’s gonna tick off either his base/supporters or all of the rabid haters – big time. Like everyone else, I don’t have any proof or inside info to go off of, but my gut tells me that he’s not going to strike Syria (or anyone else) this time. He might not be a seasoned “politician”, but he’s a very smart man and if there’s one thing he knows better than anyone, its that if the dems & all of the neo-cons are getting all gung-ho & giddy-up about something, it’s definitely a very, VERY bad idea. Heck… I’m certainly not an expert in matters like this and it could well be that my gut is steering me in the wrong direction, but this is one of those times that I sincerely hope my gut is right.


Yea I don’t agree with your assessment stating that he is defeated. There was a false flag last April when it was declared we will be leaving the Middle East. Now the same thing happened when Donald trump declares moving out of Syria and then this attack happens. We do need to get out of there and I hope he does. Leave this to Assad and let’s take care of the people back home 


Wouldn’t he be hiding his real thoughts ? … I think he’s somewhat delaying the process to find who’s really responsible, while Israel is bombing the place to keep investigators out of the area …  And this attack happens almost 1 year day to day after the previous one after which he sent 59 empty Tomahawk missiles on an airfield that was in use the day after ! … I think his body language is showing he’s hiding his thoughts because he doesn’t know yet how he will pull that one in the eyes of everybody, and everyone has to remember that Donald Trump is the king of the comeback, and that his closest collaborators say that before he wins he looks like he’s losing ! .. Roger Stone said that, Jerome Corsi said that and I am sure there are others who’ve been saying that ! …  Besides this, Donald Trump has been fighting since the cradle to build a multi billion dollars real estate empire without ever giving up even when he got his casino bankruptcy ! … I’d say, wait for his comeback, and enjoy the show …


In my opinion, in short, Deep State wants to start WW3 between US and Russia to escape Guantanamo and military tribunals … 


I respect your opinion, Mandy, but President Trump has 8 years…he isn’t going anywhere. God put him there, and only God will take him out. If anything is ending, it is his dealing with Syria in a peaceful manner.

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