Daniel Holtzclaw – ‘Accused’ Serial Rapist

This video was made a while ago for Patreon, but I think it’s important to share it with everyone.

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Here is a very good investigation by Michelle Malkin.
CRTV: Daniel in the Den | The truth about Holtzclaw

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Me either Mandy! All this new bs about husband’s and sexual partners touching you while your asleep being a crime is asinine! Who doesn’t want to be woken up that way by your lover!!


She has body language of ab lesbian. I wonder if a real serial rapist would pick up on that.

Dr. Donna

I am intrigued by this man’s interview and unfortunately have to go take care of some business and come back to finish watching but my gut is so far going with this fellow not being guilty. Must come back to hear your finish! I am some what aware of how police carry on interrogations and I am not seeing a guilty person but two police/detectives working very hard to make a case. Thank you.


He knows how these interrogations go and what they look for, as in body language. He hesitates before answering nearly every question and only starts responding immediately after he’s been called out for lying. I don’t know if he’s really guilty of not but those are some of the same techniques I’ve used myself, awhile being interrogated over minor crimes, and I got away with it.

Also, when they first mentioned having video, after he nodded, he raised his head slightly and glanced sideways at the guy who was speaking. As though to gauge the import and veracity of the video.

If he is, in fact, guilty. Then he’s very good at playing innocent.

And you called it………Feminist! You can almost fell from the haircut.


I too the glance as “OK, let’s watch them”

Estia Solana

She’s an idiot!

John Maas

They are not going to tell you directly, but a lot of cops become cynical about law enforcement. It comes from first hand experience with the defects in the system. Holtzclaw doesn’t seem to be cynical and that may be why he got hammered. Instead of going all defensive he trusted the system.


Many police detectives are nothing more than lying POS

Anil R

Good call on the feminist….


“Feminist”…lesbian…often the same thing. I called it on the way she pulled her chair and sat own, plus the fugly haircut.


I was just talking about him with a friend…small world she knows the family.  sad

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