Body Language – Alex Jones Relationship With Son – Ex Wife Kelly Jones


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Dr. Donna

Shame she felt that to home school her children was like having a ball and chain around her neck. I home schooled my son and would not change that time in history.

I bet she reaps the financial reward of the supplement business Alex has built – maybe even part of her settlement.

She should be proud of the young man, her son, as he is growing in his thought and ability to express himself – although there are some parents who find that threatening….sad for her. If her narcissism ever cracks a hole in it she may find herself missing the opportunity she once had to further that relationship.

Sad to watch the dynamics but great video. Thank you.


The over-sized chair that she’s sitting in is also aiding in her attempt to look smaller than she is, in addition to how she’s holding her arms. Large eyes are often associated with innocence, so I think that her make-up and stare are also not an accident.


Nasty woman.

Kelly Jones

I’m a conservative, and I’m going to let my attorney watch this to add to the defamation damages inflicted on me by my ex, Alex Jones. Please remove this defamatory video. I am not a public figure. You have no expertise and are ridiculous. I did try to leave for years. I never see my son. It is uncomfortable to talk about this. I absolutely “pursue” to see him. The supplements were formed fraudulently behind my back without my knowledge.

Andrew Hermsen

You went on a show that is available to the public and now claim your not a public figure? That’s rich lady.


LOL  I was telling my family similar things as we watched this- only made it halfway through.  The constant flutter lids was the last I could take about halfway through. It is nice to know I was not the only one who saw through this charade.  She reminds me of the kids I have known who were really good at manipulation when they were dodging taking responsibilities.  Alex is sometimes a bit of a puzzle how he acts, but this woman is calculated, which is far more concerning.  She reminds me of some of the fakers who have come forward in the last few years trying to bring down big names in pomp and circumstance publicly.My first reaction was that she was being highly motivated to bring down Alex, perhaps financial, tryst with someone who wants him down, or whatever.  Good job with the analysis!For the guy part- also along the lines of what I saw.  Alex seems to be a passionate person who gets worked up about what he cares about.  Sometimes it leads him to react in a rather extreme manner, but this analysis of this interaction was really spot on.  It shows a facet of the man that escapes others many times. Thank you for doing this.  It made my day. 

Dhiego Silva

=) loved this one


This reminds me of when I would go on air with my Dad during statements from the station owner, such as Christmas. Oddly enough, I was comfortable then but on air with him in the studio watching, eventually I banned him. 

Please do the Trump statement on Cohen on 4/9/18. I watched it desperately wishing for your commentary.

Lastly, you *ROCK*


I left a comment on the original Parkman video and said pretty much the same thing I’m gonna say here. This woman (in my opinion) comes across as someone who’s “interviewing” for some kind of show of her own. She sounded and acted totally disingenuous from the get-go.  I don’t think she has any concern for her kids at all. To me, it looks a whole lot more like it’s about the loss of the money she feels she’s entitled to and the lifestyle she had as his wife. To be honest, I only catch about one in every 15 – 20 videos from InfoWars, but even I can see why the judge ruled in favor of Alex over this woman. She made it clear that she was pretty put out by “being forced” to homeschool her children. Like she was pi$$ed because she missed out on a life of nail appointments and lunch dates with the girls.

Oh, and the fact that she claims that Alex has suddenly changed his political ideology made me chuckle. She says he was always non-partisan, but I noticed that she never says what his ideology changed to. She really couldn’t because Trump isn’t really a typical party guy. He’s not technically a lib & he’s not really a republican or conservative… he’s a populist/nationalist and that doesn’t fit into either party line.

From what I read about her around the time of the trial, she’s the one who actually had mental health issues and some level of dependancy to pharmaceuticals or other “substances”. (a couple of bottles of wine a day comes to mind. lol) All I could think of was, “projection, much?” LOL I think Rex not only loves his dad, I think he has a legit respect for him and I don’t get the impression that he has those same feelings toward his mom. I’d love to see the H kid accept the invite to debate Rex.  He’d never do it though. Too afraid to leave his bubble of praise & popularity. Wonder how he’ll take it when it bursts? Thanks for another spot-on analysis, Mandy!


Great review of both parties! I’m learning a lot from you Mandy!!

Sunshine Lindsay

That was just fabulous! Sooo good! I loved it. LOVED it! 

James Douglas

This is one cool, emotionless sociopath.


Great video and observation, his ex is so annoying and seems so devious and manipulative as you said. really learning a lot, keep it up I’m slightly addicted ???????? thanks mandy!! 


Alex’s isn’t my favorite person because I think he’s an alarmist and very paranoid but that appears an “act” pr a performance that for his fans and followers. I doubt it’s malicious or maligned. His ex-wife appears to be more of a malignant narcissist just like Hillary and Obama. They like and enjoy afflicting pain, both physical and emotional on those they claim to “love.” Yet, all they really care about in the end is themselves and what they believe THEY deserve.She’s portray herself as a victim of her ex-husband and the big bad judge who she views as her “bullies” but according to the testimony of both, when she was cross-examination  Alex Jones, attorney Randall
Wilhite, sought to present Kelly Jones as a
woman who was distrustful of virtually all the others parties in the
case — the therapists, counselors and even the judges — depicting them
as all in league against her.

“They were all swayed by Alex Jones, they’re all wrong, they’re all corrupt, they’re all biased,” Wilhite said. Wilhite also pointed out the attention to how much Kelly Jones has spent
on the case — $2.4 million on lawyers, therapist and all in the 22 months
since the divorce was finalized — and the fact that she had taken a
prescribed anti-anxiety, stage fright drug, before her testimony, as she
has before previous court appearances.Toward the end of her testimony, Kelly Jones was asked
about a tweeted death threat aimed at her husband, their children and
his staff, which was on an Infowars comment thread. The MSM played up her testimony and portrayed Alex as a conservative tyrant.

John C Berrier

As a retired police
officer, I have performed criminal and civil investigations. I have always been
very skeptical of statements from former spouses or boy / girls friends; especially
if they are estranged.  


Love your stuff, Mandy.  This lady reminds me a bit of my ex.  (Who as an aside took a flu shot just to spite me)


I really enjoyed your take on this Mandy, & it is so refreshing to see young conservatives!  I think you ought to send Alex this video! ????

Deborah Bundra

I felt it wasn’t about the kids but the money about five min. I to video.  Shame on this mother

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