Body Language – Creepy Joe Biden – Dominance & Submission


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About Tara Reade, I find it sickening, but not surprising how the top Dem’s like Nancy Pelosi defend Joe Biden, considering what they did to Brent Kavanaugh. The double standard to astonishing! I watched the video of Tara being interviewed by Megan Kelly which Bomards Body Language gave their opinion…this woman was and still is a victim. For the MSM in the USA to ignore this is just wrong! Also, Alyssa Malino conceded that ALL woman are to be heard, but, she still supports Joe Biden and plans to vote for him! I do wonder if the Dem’s will have someone replace Joe Biden. I also wonder if all of his confusion, stumbling and mumbling is to hide the fact that he is the opposite, ready to surprise the country when the presidential debates begin??? After all, a mafia boss Vincent Louis Gigante pretended that he was crazy while he ran his crime family, the FBI were duped for quite some time!

Los Angeles Attorney

This creep is absolutely sickening. Says worlds about the White House from 2008 to 2012, doesn’t it?

Mandy, you’d be one hell of a trial lawyer.


This one is very relevant again, as of today!

Stefan V

Sjeez, this makes me sick watching this. Men with such “power” and their parents accepting it, as a dad this hurt to see.

Los Angeles Attorney

Sexual predators do the unthinkable – they exploit the shock of their acts.
In Biden’s case, he likely couldn’t repeat the act on the same victim: the little girl being molested by him would either tell her parents she didn’t want to be near Biden, or she’d aggressively avoid him – unless her parents are the type the would sell her out for currying favor with the likes of Biden.


Does anybody think he acts this way because of his tragic family life? I mean, his daughter, wife, and son all died in tragic ways. I understand he touches to assert dominance, but I also think he touches because he misses intimacy with his children, and wife. I don’t think he is a predator. I think he’s just reeling from his past.

Vanessa Klar

I don’t. I think he was probably molested as a kid and that’s what he knows.


Lots of us survive multiple tragedies in life and do not become predators such as Joe Biden.


Lots of us survive multiple tragedies in life and do not become predators.

Los Angeles Attorney

Yes, the old “he misses intimacy wit his children and wife” defense: Biden being free to commit crimes against every other children, and ruin their lives.

Nah, Biden is just horny, and arrogant about boundaries because he knows he’s gotten away with it.

Same with sociopaths Bill and Hillary Clinton.


He has always creeped me out. Like the way Bill Clinton would stare at women’s breast like a lecherous creep.


At the time, Senator Sessions knew what to do, he swatted Biden’s hand away.

Los Angeles Attorney

Sessions rescues little girls from Biden, but not America.

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