Body Language – Saudi Prince Reveals Secret Agreement With Government


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Good read….He is nervous because his “Future” depends on it. Its a show to trick some of the remaining co-conspirators to think all is well. If he is convincing and this works they will let him die without much pain. If his act doesn’t flush out those in hiding……He will likely die a thousand deaths (being revived over & over). I’m sure he believes if he appears to be a good boy, the whole thing will go away. His attempt to kill P.Salman in Vegas was a BAD idea and not a good one to fail at. It failed. Had it not been for Trump, P.S. would now be dead. Poor P. Bandar Bush slipped on a banana and fell off his balcony penthouse to his death…..ooops.  Those that lead others into bondage will themselves be led into bondage…..

Joseph Dunphy

would not necessarily believe the WSJ but would believe Forbes, which tends to have more educated reporters and more experienced

Cynthia E and Rene G Melchor


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