Stephen Paddock Las Vegas Surveillance


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Your Voice And Style Really impress me. Thank you for your insight.

Naomi Charles

In the middle of a school shooting and you are hiding you are not going to make a pitch about gun laws.  Your worried am I going to see my family again tell my family I love them in case they don’t make it out alive!!   Second no one could see who the shooter was wearing a full swat uniform.  We don’t hear about all the kids that were injured with a knife at a different school.  

Kim B.

Hi Mandy.  I have a link for you to the videos uncut, unedited, etc.  They can be found at: are listed under the title, Las Vegas Shooting- CCTV Surveillance Footage, with the date saying “1 week ago.”  Each individual video is listed.  I think there are around 10 of them. 

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