Body Language – Stormy Daniels – Motives


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G Book

It is GREAT! to see your evaluation here and it is exactly what I assumed she is doing.  Money, Money, Money is her mantra and like everyone else on the left that tries to take down Trump they fail big time. One more thing sorry to see you go off of youtube, I think they should be sued for political bias along with Goggle.

Susan Walker

Love your comments!  Miss you on Youtube.  Yea, Youtube sucks. lol


Everytime I see this woman all I see are dicks in and around her mouth. Why? LOL


Land of A Thousand Dicks- I’m ashamed to say I wanna see your production of that title. Seriously, your analysis is spot on.  My dad buys it all and hates Trump ever more.

Theresa Coy

Sad, because she is in it for the $$$..No self respect for her self or her daughter….  love your voice!!!

M. How

So glad you are again being published.  Love your work.


Every time I sign on to one of these new platforms to see the videos of my favorite reporters, the video either stops completely and I cannot get it to continue or it will pause and after a few minutes will continue.  What am I doing incorrectly?  Please help.  Thank you. M. How

Edward R. Guanajuato

land of a 1000……..LOL

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