Podcast E01 – Psychopathic Journalism

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you two are so effin cute. Got a few good laughs outta this one.


Well Ted Bundy worked at a suicide hot line and did an excellent job so no worries🤪 Obviously they can go to work and just be serial killers/deviant psychopaths at their leisure time 😬

Catherine Dale

When I heard about the fake death sentence in this video it reminded me of seeing Timothy McVeigh raise up and looked at each observer in the eye before he was “executed”. I thought no way did they execute this man. To this day because of the different facts about his execution I believe it was a fake execution. I would be great for you to read his body language as he lays on the lethal injection gurney. He seems arrogant and unafraid to me. I think he knew he was not going to really die. If you do not want to put that video on your site ( it is not gruesome at all) please look at it yourself and share your opinion.

Alfred Gomez

I believe you are referring to Matthew 6:5 And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. The point being that they merely want attention and portray themselves as being holy when in fact, all they want is the “appearance” of being holy.


Mika’s father is Zbigniew Brzezinski, a KGB agent that Jimmy Carter hired as a National Security Advisor. Who among other things advised Carter to supply arms to the Mujahedeen to give the Soviets a excuse to invade. Scarborough says Trump should be executed for treason while he himself is married into the KGB.

Los Angeles Attorney

Scarborough is just a rino rat who has sold himself and his country, and rather cheaply.

Mika has him pussy-whipped. He’s’ the Former Prince Harry, older version.


I think I read that part of the bible years ago when the Pharisees where praying out loud thanking God for making them better than everybody else.

Jodi Cefalo

My eardrums, Mandy… lol

B George

she does look like a 1930s nazi ss officer

Los Angeles Attorney

The arrongance on her face is nauseating. BUT, given my ‘Mandy Training’, I think this bozo actually has gross feelings of insecurity and is a rather run-of-the-mill self-loathing Hollywood idiot, which accounts to her rage and her superiority complex (which are manifestations of feelings of insecurity).


“put so barbed wire in that pee-pee”
I missed this one. Hilarious! A ‘Morning Joe’ series? One on each, then a joint analysis? That would be telling, I bet.

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