Who is Bombard?

Where did you learn it?

I was raised by people that would tell you I had a wonderful childhood.  That maybe their perception, but it certainly wasn't mine.  I spent most of my child hood trying not to be seen or heard.  Living in that environment taught me to understand people and their motives quickly.  My sister and I could communicate in almost complete silence.  One thing that often occurs in abuse victims, is they learn to read people better than the general public.  For them it is survival.  Fortunately body language is just like any other language, it can be learned.  For most it can be daunting at first, it can seem like information overload when spotting tells.  But it can be learned, and it becomes easier and faster with practice.    


*Note* There is no formal School for Body Language.  

  •  In Nursing I was with Bon Secours in NewPort News, VA. 
  • Also In a Christian Care facility in Cheatham county, TN.   
  • Police work in Norfolk, VA. I was Medically discharged when I became pregnant.

So what do I stand for?

My goal is to teach people to see deception in all walks of life from our personal relationships, all the way to the deceptions practiced by our politicians.

I believe it improves society by forcing dishonest people to become honest. Deception is not always meant with bad intent and it is important to understand the context behind it.  So don't be to mad when you ask your husband if he likes your new hair style and you spot a little deception. ;) 

I look back on my early life and see it as a blessing.  It has allowed me to help people, and do something I truly love doing for a living.