Body Language – Qanon, The Players – Part 1 of 2

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I agree – Julie Diez – and found it surprising for Code Monkey to use that term “QAnon.”

Julie Diez

Who uses the term, “Q-Anon?” I cringe every time… and cannot give credence to anyone who does. Bleh.

Daniel Jeffery

I think there’s a fairly simple answer here. It was likely recorded quite a while ago, before the mainstream essentially started to create their own “QAnon” which comprised of basically any conspiracy theory on the Internet as opposed to the “Q messages”.

At a certain point people began to be very clear and said “Q”, but before that it was very common for “genuine Q people” to say “QAnon”, and I’d include myself in that list.

Does that make any sense? Haha


Thank you for providing your excellent analysis of this movie Mandy! I was fascinated with the Q Drops from the beginning. At the time, I too thought it was a catalyst for good, the Drops inspired people to think for themselves, to dig deeper for the truth, to root out evil because “Sunshine Is the Best Disinfectant”. It felt as if we were partnering with President Trump in his mission to Drain the Swamp. I now suspect Q was a CIA/DARPA Psy-Op, and quite probably, Trump was controlled opposition, conducting a Divide & Conquer strategy. The things we now know were Red Herrings, such as, “Trust Sessions”, “Trust Rosenstein” and “Trust the Plan” all served to keep us on our couches eating popcorn, complacently waiting for the Justice Department to do their job. There is no way to know, but I wonder what the outcome might have been if we had rejected all the Bread & Circuses and took a stand against it back then. Reality is, we didn’t, the Q Drops worked as they were designed, lulling us and assuring that all would be well. Remember that long-awaited IG Report? When it finally came out, it was so blatantly skewed in favor of the criminals in charge, that should have been a wake-up call for everybody that The Swamp protects its own. Our faith and trust in American Rule of Law was weaponized against us; we were strung along by one empty hope after another.  To this day, they’re still trotting John Durham out! Does anyone actually believe he is still running an investigation? Does John Durham even exist?

Cut to the year 2020. Instead of the justice Q proclaimed for years was coming, what we got instead was The Great Reset that included an unprecedented transfer of wealth under the guise of a pandemic and a blatantly rigged election. When President Trump put out the call “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there. Will be wild!”, thousands of Americans answered that call, showed up in D.C. to rightfully and justifiably air their grievances. Instead of our Representatives allowing due process to play out, they hijacked the rule of law, conflated the January 6th events, and termed it an “insurrection”. They progressed with the narrative by drawing a comparison to 9/11 and the FBI has deemed the Americans in attendance Domestic Terrorists. All this, to further their goal to control every man, woman, and child.

We are dealing with cowards & lapdogs begging for treats from their masters. They sold us down a path of tyranny; and the fools still think they will remain free, but evil will come for them eventually too. No longer can we sit idle; use every means at our disposal to resist their inhuman technocratic control measures of enslavement. (That is really what all this is about) I believe their plans are still fluid because for some reason, they sped up their timeline, so they’re throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. Resistance is an excellent offense, so is creating friction in every way possible! Everyone stand strong and don’t go along! 

Daniel Jeffery

With all due respect I don’t think Trump is controlled opposition, and I do believe that there is a genuine “Q group”, but at this point it’s not that important.

Look at what is happening in terms of election audits and just the country in general waking up.


Yes, I could be way off base about Trump as controlled opposition; my husband doesn’t agree with me on that either. I was discouraged and grumpy the day I went on that rant, although I still hold it as a possible theory. I agree. There was a Q. It could have been humans or maybe it was a sophisticated algorithm; the things they can program AI to do these days is incredible.

Hey! Did you guys ever hear the story about the Trials Evolution Riddle? We wondered if it might have been what inspired the people that brought us Q. You can read about it below. 

Trials Evolution was a game released on Xbox Live Arcade in April 2012. Soon after release, players started to discover hidden clues to a riddle that took over a year to unravel.

Liz Sutt

I’m so happy you did these. I love the whole Q thing but I’m not IN love with Q. It’s a great idea in theory.


Looks like Q used all these people. I believe Q is deep state.


i dont know. When trump did the song in his twitter feed. I believed he was part of it. Im on the belief that the military has been in control even through trump. We really have been watching a movie and the more i deal with ‘normies’ the more i believe they may be right. you cant tell the truth to the masses you have to show them. looks like we are being shown. I guess the ‘real’ is realizing as a population when did we loose the ability to rule our selves? Was it 1911? 1940’s? 1971? 2001? When did the weak become our rulers? I remember as a kid when they were pushing the retards in to jobs for normal people and the companies were making a big deal that they were hiring them. Its been a LONG time coming and Q is something that low intelligent people turned into a religion. Now their savior is gone and the like any religion that has had a foundational fall, they are searching and grasping for anything. which may turn out to be very bad.


Don’t quite know how I missed this one for a month. Very interesting. Even though there were some Q proofs that were almost impossible to be coincidences, ( like the watch times or the red castle green castle sequence) there were also alot of things people with “literal disease” interpreted as predictions that were probably more likely pointers to dig in a certain direction. I agree that some individuals turned the movement into a religion. If you look at it as an indicator to question the narrative sold by the deep state/media cabal and moreover, conventional history, it was way more useful. Is there a corrupt deep state cabal? Hell yes. Is there a massive trafficking network? Absolutely. Is there a anti-nationalist, anti-people globalist syndicate trying to undermine personal freedom? For sure. Look forward to Part II.


I have missed it for 2 months!!!
My excuse is I’m building a house and don’t have time for online stuff as much these days!

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