Body Language – Qanon, The Players – Part 1 of 2

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Looks like Q used all these people. I believe Q is deep state.


i dont know. When trump did the song in his twitter feed. I believed he was part of it. Im on the belief that the military has been in control even through trump. We really have been watching a movie and the more i deal with ‘normies’ the more i believe they may be right. you cant tell the truth to the masses you have to show them. looks like we are being shown. I guess the ‘real’ is realizing as a population when did we loose the ability to rule our selves? Was it 1911? 1940’s? 1971? 2001? When did the weak become our rulers? I remember as a kid when they were pushing the retards in to jobs for normal people and the companies were making a big deal that they were hiring them. Its been a LONG time coming and Q is something that low intelligent people turned into a religion. Now their savior is gone and the like any religion that has had a foundational fall, they are searching and grasping for anything. which may turn out to be very bad.

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