Body Language – The Tiger King Series – E02

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She fed her husband to the lions.

Rūta Aleknavičienė

Can’t wait for the 3rd episode! It’s been two very hard months to endure without this brilliant content 😂🙈

Dave Archer

I’m trying to get a Silver and can find no way to sign up for it. Please help/

Cindy Delk

I can’t stand waiting for your next episode! I went back and binge watched the whole series because of your first 2 videos here! When is your next episode coming out? I can’t stand the wait! Love, Love, Love all of your videos!

David Daniels

The story that Carol gave originally is different from the current one in one specific respect: In the original, she said “Early, early, early …. Miami.” In the modern recounting, she said, “Early, early, early … (eye roll, slight hesitation with a couple more words) Costa Rica.” The difference is huge between a short flight to Miami and an impossible flight to Costa Rica, but which backs her alternate story of crashing in the ocean or some such thing.



Carol Dee

Yes! You just made my night with Ep 2, thank you Mandy. You have taught me a lot.


Hmm..the meat grinder. Unfortunately, I have seen many of these attention seekers who are in portrayal at all times. Some people seem to think of them as charismatic or refreshingly blunt, when they are usually hiding lack of self esteem and lack honesty. This one seems to have a more sinister psychopathic streak.


She makes the same expressions of Hillary Clinton. She even sounds like her. Yipes!


Did not see it the first time but I think you are right.

Carol Dee

WOW! Perfectly phrased. She shared a likeness in expression to someone, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I know why! Crazy.

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