Body Language – Texas Church Shooting, Have A Plan

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Anthony Smith

An amazing event, and great analysis. I never go anywhere that my head is not on a swivel and I am not evaluating the environment for potential threats and possible escape routes. Everyone needs to see this video so they can understand the imperative of being armed against such threats and prepared to react without hesitation. Sadly, the two victims probably had no prayer, but the murder and the carnage would have been much, much worse without the quick thinking and the excellent marksmanship of the sheep dog. As you said, that was one helluva shot.

Jeff Sharkey

I’m no expert and would appreciate anyone who knows what to do suggesting the best way to handle this situation. I certainly don’t blame the two men shot by the murderer, but wonder if a different reaction might have prevented their getting shot. It seems that the best thing the man closest to the murderer could have done, once the murderer had a problem with his shotgun (?),(or any long gun), would have been to run/jump at him, flattening the shotgun between them with the barrel pointing up/out, as the man lands on top of the murderer (who would fall back on the floor). The shotgun would likely be pinned between them. That is certainly a lot for anyone to react to for an immediate shock like this situation, but when someone is so close, the man’s only chance was to jump the murderer rather than anything else. The next man over, who drew his pistol, but got shot first by the murderer, seemed like the one mistake he made was to slow down or stop pulling his pistol when the murderer started fiddling with his shotgun. Seems that he should have continued full speed (certainly) drawing and (possibly) firing at the murderer. It looked like he might have survived if he hadn’t slowed when the murderer was fiddling. That said, again, it happened so fast and was such a bizarre situation, he’s not at all to blame in any way. Just wondering what the best way to react to something horrible like this. The man who did the perfect head shot dropping the murderer immediately was incredible, perfect reaction, and by dropping the murderer not only prevented more killing any murderer and possibly prevented an accidental shooting by armed church members as well.

Los Angeles Attorney

What incredible luck that such a skilled marksman was present, and he was able to kill the murderer with one shot, ending the killing spree.

We shouldn’t refer to murderers as ‘shooters’. The marksman that killed the murderer was a shooter. The murderer is just a murderer. He’s not even a ‘killer’, the word which would invoke someone tough even though they’re evil.

This guy was just an evil coward, witness his victims being old people. It’d be interesting to interview him in hell, and ask him why he didn’t try his murdering in an inner-city gang crowd.


Why can I not get this video? I am gold…

Cindy Lou

The daughter also ignores her own safety when the shot heads toward her father. Her head instinctively pops up to see her dad. I was really struck by that! I think she might be the reason Jack Wilson didn’t shoot right away.


Wow! That was an amazing analysis of so much going on. Had to watch it a couple of times to take it all in. One point of disagreement, though. The way I saw it, the guy in the white shirt and blue vest was not at all oblivious to anything. As soon as he saw the gunman, he focused in on the scene. He even turned to look at the man who took the gunman down as soon as the fatal shot was fired. When he saw the good guys with guns move in on the gunman, it seemed to me that he was ready to get up and respond with assistance. Actually, he acted just like my late husband would have. People often got the impression he was oblivious, when the truth was he didn’t miss a thing.


that man saved everyone in that church, considering how a lot of people had no plan

Los Angeles Attorney

That was an amazing reaction, born of enormous training and experience. Add the man’s character to the equation, and you quickly get one dead murderer.


Absolutely, it’s appears to me that when the man who eliminated the threat first saw the shooter’s weapon he went for his weapon with a small movement as to not spook the shooter, so before any shots fired his weapon was out and he then responded immediately once he had a clear line of fire. Indeed that is courage in addition to training.
As difficult as this is to watch, I’m glad we have it. I believe this video and analysis will help others in the future.


Good information. I froze when my little daughter choked on food. Thankfully her Dad didn’t. I told my self over and over I would NOT freeze until after the danger was over. I’m actually known at work for my calm in situations. Little do they know, later I’m a mess. So if we tell ourselves, I won’t go with an abductor, I won’t freeze in place…instead I will do _____, I believe it helps. Police practice this constantly. The Church of Christ is my church. I don’t know this congregation, but it kind of felt like I did.


I was hoping that you would do this one, Mandy. If I was still working and training people in crisis intervention, I would use this video to teach situational awareness and the principle of “always have a plan”, even though it is hard to watch. Hopefully the quick action and massive firepower displayed by these parishioners will deter future crazies from church shootings in Texas-great law change!


That was so hard to watch.
It looks like they might have done a few practice drills because most dropped down quickly.

Thanks for this one.

John Rogers

It is hard to analyze this without being distracted to my blood boiling at this coward.

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