Body Language – Making of Murderer – Part 1

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Xandria Clark

I’m not sure if it was this doc or another one but I know I saw one that uncovers he and a young relative did in fact torture and kill her.
They also found an inmate that was incarcerated with Avery at the time of his first imprisonment that said Avery would draw graphic pictures of what he’d like to do to women. Which he’d showed him.
Apparently he was so angry that he went to jail for something he didn’t do that the rage festered.
The young lady photographer had not wanted to go that day to his property bc when she had gone once before he was dressed only in a towel and had been creepy with her.
He had called specifically for her to come up to the Auto mag. Saying his sister would meet her there bc his sister wanted to sell a car or truck.
She was talked into going by the receptionist.
She reluctantly went and was never heard from again.


Is there a part 2 to The Making of Murder?
I loved watching the Staircase series videos!

Jodi Cefalo

I have silver. Why is this telling me i don’t?

Natalie F

Is it possible that what Steven Avery is “hiding” or feels guilty about is just that he did have a crush on Theresa and maybe had been inappropriate toward her to some degree? Maybe he just feels guilty about that? My opinion is that he liked Theresa and hoped there might be a chance for him to have a relationship with her. Maybe she shot down his advances and drove off upset and he has guilt or worry because of that.
The saddest part of this case to me is the nephew. This police Dept knew he had a very low IQ and even if he didn’t, he was very young and naive and they coerced him into confessing. That interrogation/confession makes me sick to my stomach. Having worked with mentally challenged individuals for years, I know that it’s possible to get them to confess or go along with almost anything if they think they’re doing a “good” thing. This is a travesty. My opinion on the guilt or innocence of Steven Avery is inconclusive, but I feel 100% certain that there is shade all over that county sheriff’s Dept. As much as I appreciate the police and what they have to do on a daily basis, I’m also aware that there is corruption and evil in all facets of life and they are certainly not immune.
I lost $100 at a HS football game one night. I called the police in my small town to ask if anyone had turned it in and if not could they send someone out to the area I believed I may have dropped it.. I never expected to get it back. I received a phone call from the dispatcher an hour later. She told me she had sent a deputy out to search the area and low and behold he had found the $100. I was in shock! Then the dispatcher said to me… “You are very lucky, not only that the officer had found the money but that he was honest enough to SAY he had found it and I should really send him a thank you”. Hmmm? Of course I would thank him but.. isn’t honesty what we SHOULD expect from a police officer?? The fact that the dispatcher was surprised really made me scratch my head. What a world we live in. Anything is possible!


More of this. After the Staircase series I was hoping you’d do MAM.
Would love to see your opinion of Ken Kratz, Avery’s lawyers and eventually Avery’s current lawyer.

Tudor City Lady

I am a member and do not know why I cannot see Crime series and other content.

Garry Waldron

hello, How shall I log in? I wish to see, hear and learn more; however, your website seems to provide more difficulties than an easy pathway… I’m becoming more frustrated, sorry to say…

Chris Clark

the chances that he didn’t kill her are incredibly small. This is a guy who burned a cat alive. There was a lot of other facts withheld from the show.


I want to send a message to then Manotowac Police Dept. Anyone who has seen this series knows you all are responsible for the corruption that took place in this case. Millions know you are all the guilty ones. We know you know who killed that young lady (NOT Steven Avery) and you are accessories to her murder.


I watched this whole story. I pray each of those crooked cops pay for their evil deeds. God is merciful but JUST.


Ironic that this case includes the apparent withholding of exculpatory evidence, which is not exclusive to the FBI/DOJ. Very interesting to see Wisconsinites attempting to engage in butt coverage. They are not very good liars. That part of Wisconsin is a small city surrounded by a rural area that does not get a lot of major violent crime. I am suspecting from the title that the theory is going to be that this guy was railroaded into prison by crooked cops and was so traumatized that it drove him to commit an actual murder. What if the cops were crooked after the fact, and that both the owner of the DNA and Avery are rapist/killers/psychopaths? Even though there are discrepancies in the witness and police testimony, my guess is that Avery already had a reputation for being a local psycho. In a small place like that almost all of them are known to the cops. This one looks like it will be an interesting series. The comment on mustache-petting as a self-soothing behavior was hilarious!

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