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If your suggestion disappears it is because 1) its either in Que to be released or 2) it did not get enough votes to get done.

Max Hoffmann



Steven Greer is doing a live interview right now

Sarah Young

So released from que means it won’t be covered then?

Barrett Abney

This Doctor seems to be having a controlled conniption about the criminal negligence of his fellow doctors, who are promoting the vaccine. I just watched him for the first time today, but I kept thinking, WOW, Mandy should see this.

Shauncy Greengo

Bob Lazar is an interesting case. He claims he worked at a base called S4 at Area 51 in Navada on secret UFO’s discovered by the U.S military in the 80s. He also talks about how the anti-gravity engine’s use an element not on the periodic table to propel these crafts. I’d really like to know if he’s lying or not. He’s pretty poker face.


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Last edited 5 days ago by Shauncy Greengo
Piri Gal

New Zealand’s Prime Minister responded to big farmers protest all around the country.

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 5.44.35 PM.png
Piri Gal

New Zealand’s Prime Minister responded to big farmers protest all around the country 

Tracy Lebo

Prince William and the Frog at Princess Diana statue reveal.




This woman seems to be a socially retarded psychopath? She smiles at inappropriate moments and her eye movements always go to the right-middle. There are 5 short videos in this series. High res!


Speaker Nancy Pelosi formally announced that the U.S. House will establish a select committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Dismissed claims by some Republicans that this was a political move. “I don’t worry about that at all…I have no intention of walking away from our responsibility.”



Grigorios Galiatsatos
Pam Jagielo

Mandy, I’m dying to know if this person is a whistle blower or just blowing smoke. I’ve seen this same video pop up on different platforms.

Thank you for your consideration. it’s not just famous people who are interesting…


Jill Biden being interviewed on Joe Bidens Mental Fitness


Matthew Costello

What about Dave Chappelle or hulk Hogan


What characteristics are there when grieving people are lying vs telling the truth . Which is is here and how does one ascertain which is reality?
Is the head nod down deception or conclusion?


who would ever doubt a news story?


Hi Mandy-I love your skills!

I’m curious about your take on John Warner, IV.

Daniel Liszt (Dark Journalist) recently interviewed him. I’ve only seen part 2 of a 2 part interview.

I’ve watched Daniel for about 10 years and I trust him. The folks that Daniel usually interviews have facts for days, mind-numbing facts, figures, details and Warner has some, but says, “I don’t remember” quite a bit in this interview. On the one hand he reminds me of someone who says that he’s not name dropping or impressed with what he knows and yet that’s what it feels like he’s doing. He doesn’t have a lot of facts which is the first red alert for me.

His energy mellows out after about an hour and I feel better about him, but I still don’t know.

What say you?

Thank you for all you do. I learn a lot from your analysis.




Yes! I just recommended this. The 2 part series is long, but a riveting interview, please consider it 💕


Project Veritas Obtains New Tape Showing Mark Zuckerberg CRITICIZING Facebook leakers “wrong side of history”


Cameron Waage

“No evidence of fraud” – says Hursti in video, but this:

More from Hursti unscripted:


Do you see anything here worth mentioning?

Cameron Waage

“No evidence of fraud” – says Hursti in video, but this:

Do you see anything here worth mentioning?

Cameron Waage

Please delete this post as I could not edit it. Reposted above^^&



Sarah Davis the CEO of RZIM makes a public statement for the first time since the allegations against Ravi Zacharias were found to be true, rocking the Christian community.


Look, a real, actual journalist. I thought they went extinct. Turns out there are still a few of them left in the wild:



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