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If your suggestion disappears it is because 1) its either in Que to be released or 2) it did not get enough votes to get done.

Max Hoffmann



Steven Greer is doing a live interview right now

Sarah Young

So released from que means it won’t be covered then?



Notice the massive case of selective blindness. Also note the scared cop, the pastor who witnessed violence, and the arrogant lawyer. What I think is interesting are all the folks who deny seeing who shot the bully. Everybody was sick of him, and he started to brag about getting away with his evils. The bully was shot, and no townsfolk would say who it was. It looks like a gold mine of behavior information. Do we see a case of Stokholm syndrome?


Also, this playlist from Amazon (requires subscription) shows all those interviews:


Somehow I don’t think Sean would fit in to today’s social agenda


Timothy Wu, government official reveals his opinion on free speech…



Chuck Schumer delivers remarks on Capitol breach


When did he have time to write this? was he searching for historical quotes & dates and typing it all up while being ushered from the senate floor? was he proof reading it and rewriting it while cowering in fear? Did he have to force his way around violent rioters having taken over their offices to get to his printer? would he of been able to reincite any of his own experiences moments before without reading every word? this is all theater no? he’s an actor.

ricky wood


Kevin Clockmaker

Paul McCartney’s replacement, Billy, on David Letterman. I think his body language is a dead giveaway that he is lying, and well actually telling the truth at the end with “This is him”,



I know right now you have much more important things on your mind.
I have a video you might look at later. A comedian punked Fauci and did a video. The thing is, because he wasn’t a MSM hack, he asked real questions giving us a better look at Faucis body language.


robert gross


robert gross


robert gross



Can you comment on the defense secretary’s comments about Jan.6th? Near the end he gives this weird smile.




In a church?


This guy has a Youtube channel where he claims he can cure eyesight naturally. I would be interested in your impression of this. Looks like there’s a lot going on with his expressions, and I was wondering how much of it was manipulative and how much was authentic. &w=560&h=315]

Lori Rafter

I love your YouTube Channel and look forward to all your videos!! It looks like someone may have already suggested the video I had in mind, but maybe this one is different. I can’t open the video posted below. Hopefully it’s not a duplicate.


Thank you!!!

Lori. 🥰


John Sullivan / Jayden X – first video since he was released from jail. He filmed the video of the Capitol shooting.


Kai Zemmermann

Is Dr Rachel Levine as Joe Biden’s nominee for assistant health secretary a healthy pick?


Last edited 1 month ago by Kai Zemmermann

this would be interesting…maybe.

Paula Mccabe

Please please please do something with Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy!!!! I respect both of them, but they are so “loud” with their body language around each other. Love watching your content.


This might be fun, Mandy:



This is an old interview of Bob Lazar, scientist and whistleblower of gov’t UFO ops. What do you see and think, Mandy?



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