Body Language – Melania Trump

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Matthew Costello

I think she stopped caring about people’s opinions a long time ago

Cindy Delk

I can’t help myself, I love this woman. Beautiful, smart, caring and able rise above it all. God bless our first lady!!


She is so poised and graceful.

Dawn Seay

Love her. Love him. Both have been sorely treated. Such a shame. So sad.

Derrek Spilsbury

As it pertains to eye patterns, I am reverse oriented. I look up and to my left to visually construct and up and to the right to recall. Is it possible that Melania is also? I got the impression that she might be.


I love her even more now smile

Bonnie Hawkins

Our First Lady is First Class. TY


I just love Melania. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be in her position. We are truly lucky to have her as our first lady. She carries herself with grace and class, something we should be teaching our daughters.


Class, poise and intelligence. Unfairly treated also. Thanks for doing this one. I love that she put her pith helmet, which had leftists foaming at the mouth about colonialism, in the foreground. She seems to have a knack for making wordless statements like that- in your face with symbolism, while remaining above the chaos of the argument. If the clown conducting the interview had asked her about it, I am sure she would have been ready for it.


When the interviewer brings up the infidelity, you can clearly see disgust showing in Melania’s mouth and lips. She gets the little disgusted snarl even though her reply is calm while saying she has more important things to think about. She is so painfully aware of the need to have a pristine appearance of strength in the face of the public jackals. She doesn’t want people to focus on the infidelity when they think of her, doesn’t want them to think it effects her so strongly, but she has it in the back of her mind. She’s such an elegant and strong person in this very trying position, I hope she can last the next six years maintaining her elegance. She’s a wonderful roll model of strength and grace.


Very classy lady. An excellent example of what a First Lady should be.

Sander Klausen

I love her favourite Such a smart lady


Melania is so awesome… I wish she could hear the positives that people think/feel towards her. Not many people could take all of that negativity and still push forward to do the right thing and make a positive change.


Melania is good at not feeding the media narrative, and brave.


I think this woman is amazing… smart and gorgeous


i agree

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