Body Language – Parkland Shooter, Nikolas Cruz

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It’s a fact that this person is demented and that plenty of agencies were warned repeatedly before he acted out.
Those agencies (psych and law) should be held equally responsible for those deaths.
You’re damn right, our PC institutions are letting us down.

Carrie McCarthy
Carrie McCarthy

This was so interesting. He needed help so badly.

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Right, Jimmer and Mandy. The restorative justice program implemented in the school by the protoge of Obamaite Arne Duncan prevented him getting arrested at school, which could have prevented gun purchase. The corrupt Sherriff”s department program to prevent criminalizing youth prevented him from getting arrested at home when he put a gun to the brother’s head, which would have taken his guns away. The goof that evaluated him at the hospital determined that he was not a danger to self or others because he lied to the evaluator and they believed the lie. Had he been put in the psych ward as he should have, this also would have pullled his guns. I have sent hundreds of dangerous teens to the psych ward to be evaluated. The last few years even if they make threats or try to jump out a fifth floor window, if they appear calm and deny suicide or homicide ideation, they get cut loose instead of hospitalized. Multiple system failure due to denial that many teens are dangerous and need to be locked up in a safe location and medicated if necessary. His record clearly shows that the idiot adults that had contact with him failed… Read more »

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