Body Language – Robert S McNamara Fog of War

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robert mcnamerra wrote a book called “the boys behind the bombs”. he is the only person who is truthful about how wartime decisions are made. i find him to be very honest. if not for him, we would not know the utilitarian and centric ways military decision are made. he admits there was no need to drop the bomb from a military standpoint. he knows the real reasons were much much more nefarious. cabal control had not yet been established, but was coming soon…he admits we never should have been in vietnam….take a breath and consider that for a moment


Very interesting. Did not know he was still around. Telling too, how he attempts to demonize the bombing of WWII and obfuscate and confuse the actions taken when he was in charge of a war that was a totally different thing. The belief system that communism was a spreading cancer and needed to be opposed by military force at every turn, proved to be faulty and got us involved in insurgencies that could not be won and would kill mass numbers of people with no different outcome except the profits to the makers of helicopters, planes, Napalm, M-16s etc. World War II was necessary to prevent world conquest by fascist empires, and though many civilians lost their lives, in the case of Japan the fascists would not give up until it was clear that the whole country would be incinerated if they did not. All I know is that Eisenhower was right to warn about the “Military Industrial Complex” If McNamara worked for Johnson, his belief system must have had a rigid hold for him not to see that the war was not about saving the world and more about profits of the MIC.


Anyone that can talk about killing 100,000 people and be that lacking in emotion are scary!
For the destruction he oversaw I find he he has no soul…..
Could that brief show of tears be learned? As in “oh… one of ours… my fault… I better show sorrow”?
You know how certain personality types can mimic normal empathy so to blend in?

He reminds me of my father….. 😐


belief systems can make casualties seem a tool for furthering the system


That is a really sick belief system. 🤔


I enjoy the work, but your emphasis on “belief systems” adds very little. It seems as if you’re against “belief systems” but that is absurd, for you are expounding a belief system therein. Like a Nihilist saying there is no objective truth. Would you please explain what you mean when you say “belief system” ?


This is obviously your first video on belief system…ive stated many times that everyone has one. and it is a belief.


smile Not my first video on belief system. I’ve watched most all of your content, that’s why I paid the subscription fee, as I said, I like the work. The “belief system” thing has been bothering me for some time. I assumed that I was missing something, so I asked for clarification ^ You didn’t answer the question and you came back with an insult. You seem defensive, I don’t see why. It’s also not the best way to treat your customers.


Not an insult an observation. As you stated “you’re against “belief systems”” you would know I have stated, I have my own, if you had watched most of my videos. I would suggest joining class for clarification. I honestly dont understand what you dont understand about the believing, in belief systems.


It was an observation not an insult? That’s a good example of your belief system. Thanks for the clarification.


I didn’t read it in the tone or intent of an insult. She said she meant it as a benign observation but you chose not to believe her and that’s telling about your level of insecurity. And no I do not mean that as an insult. Psychologically speaking, people who are self-assured and comfortable in their own skin take comments in good-faith because they don’t assume condescension. Plus if you’ve watched most of her videos you should know she has a very forward personality, and it can be misconstrued as lacking sensitivity


How white is your knight?


Can’t have a discussion with someone without insulting them, eh? You poor thing


Not having taken the course I can tell you what I interpret the term to mean. A belief system is a set of perceived facts that (at least seem to) work together to form a coherent picture of some aspect of reality. We all have them and need them. The problem arises when a belief system becomes so rigid that new information requiring updates to a belief system is met with total denial, wherein the new information is ignored or vehemently negated. An example might be a fundamentalist Christian faced with man made items that are easily provable, through multiple means, to be much older than 6000 years. I feel that belief systems are necessary but they must remain flexible, lest mental growth is stopped in its tracks.

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