Body Language – David Icke

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Celine Horan

You often say that it’s a person’s belief. I am not sure what to do with that statement. Are you saying that he believes this so his body sings in accordance with his belief, whether or not we believe in what he is saying is neither here nor there?

David is a journalist by trade. He knows how to do proper in-depth research. He mentioned this on an amazing interview he did on Youtube regarding Covid-19 and other such topics he spoke about back then. He comes across as mad as a hatter at times but I do admire him for speaking HIS truth boldly. He’s aware enough to know folks won’t believe him but he says it anyway.

I admire that. Jesus went through the same old thing.

It would be interesting if in the end what he says comes to pass.


You said it perfectly!  “The mess in his head.”  I can’t believe that this guy gets people to pay to see him lecture.  If you listen to his words, he NEVER comes to any conclusion.  He starts his narrative and then comes the time when he should be providing the audience with answers, he switches to another similar (yet different) issue.  He never answers the questions that he proposes at the beginning of his narrative.  He is as tangential as a schizophrenic, someone who has ADD, or someone who has bipolar disorder and is in a manic phase.  Just when he knows the audience is ready for his answer, he circles around and causes those watching to get distracted from the fact that he never answered the question.

Kathleen Grigg

I think his whole purpose or goal is to get people to wake up and take back their power and control.. which is not a bad agenda if you think about it, people really are asleep in many ways. Maybe the reptilian side of the brain is a metaphor. I think the most credibility his theories have is in relation to ancient serpent and dragon worship. It’s much harder to prove a theory that there are shapeshifting reptilians living among us today or running the world governments.

Jason Enzminger

Also, according to David, he’s gotten and has read ‘many’ testimonials from people who have said they’ve seen these ‘creatures’ up close and they look like what aliens look like in the drawings we’ve all seen. And up close they have scales like lizards. They supposedly use to be among us and now live in underground cities. They are what the dinosaurs evolved into and some of the ‘psychos’ on the planet are hybrids of these and humans, with no empathy. Maybe it makes sense, I don’t know. I haven’t followed him much but I had to know what he was all about.


It’s not. He’s applying Gnosticism to some idea. Making people “wake up,” when they are, “asleep,” is also applying Gnosticism. Applying Gnosticism anywhere always leads to all sorts of evils.

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