Body Language – Sharon Tate Murder – Susan Atkins

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Bonnie Hawkins
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Bonnie Hawkins

I have been manipulated at times in my life. Now I know when I am being manipulated and decide if I want to go with it or not. I have someone in the family that does this.:)

Hot Cheese
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Hot Cheese

She has nail polish on. I don’t know why that bothers me. If I was guilty of what she’s accused of I don’t think I would take care of my fingernails like that.


Very interesting. Your commentary on the manipulator has helped me to understand someone I’ve known and haven’t been able to figure out. Liars and manipulators must be twin siblings.

I joined because I’ve always found people watching fascinating, and didn’t realize body analysis is a real thing, and now I’ve found practical help that has been worth every penny of the $10 I paid. Thanks you.

Famed Member

im glad to help!

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